Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Important Things in Life

Ok, so anyone that knows me will know that this is a little off tack for me. I don't really like typing things out like this and making it public, it's not really my style, it's too impersonal...That being said, I have to come out and say it, I'm doing this to show gratitude. Not like the, "Hey look at what I did when I told someone thank you." kind of gratitude, I mean like the "Ok Lord, you were right, Thanks."

Anyway, so here I am. I have a bacterial infection, my wife is sick, and my daughter has a viral respiratory infection, yet in my heart there is only gratitude. Why? For Heavenly Messengers, for the Holy Ghost, and for the Power, the Authority to act for God given to men. I have been able to give blessing to my family, literally lay my hands on their heads, and have words imparted to me from the Holy Ghost, telling people things through me that I never would have known without heavenly assistance. I have seen diseases rebuked, ailments healed, and little children delivered from pain into the sweetest sleep through that power. It is literal, it is real, and more of a force that we can recognize and feel than anything that we consider "real" in this life. Take a look around you. What do you see? How many things are just machinery, cold, and lifeless? How many things in your house do you invest time in that have no life of their own, I.E. Books, Movies, Chores, Money, Sports, Scrapbooking? What for? Why do we give ourselves to these things with no life, when a Living God is here moving among us in power? Isn't it time we unplug and choose to be different? Machines, and other physical things, we can see, but THEY can't FEEL, they can't know us, but we ignore quite often the Being that is, or can be there with us always.....God. He feels, He knows us, He is the very best friend we can ever have, yet as the scriptures say, we sell Him for things of no worth. So this is me, Saying Thank you to God. He lives, He's real, he as servants on earth today that are more needed to be listened too than ever before. He is our lighthouse for those of us foundering in the sea of wickedness in this world, the thing that we can look to to guide us right. He will never leave us, forsake us or disappoint us. I'm ging to work go give up things that aren't the most important to me, and live in the now with my wife and beautiful daughter. Thanks Lord.


Autumn Fauver said...

Btw this post was made by Autumns Husband :)

Vegan Valerie said...

I was pretty sure that was an "unofficial" Joel post! That being said, I think it is sweet! Joel is a good guy! But Fauver guys ARE good guys. I know I'm quite fond of mine! :)