Monday, August 31, 2009


Or not busy.

I learned from my last doctors appointment that I could very well have a chance at getting preclampsia. I had protein in the urine and high blood pressure and Excessive swelling of the feet and hands. So the last few days I've really tried to lay low.
I've also had a couple of trips to the hospital for further monitoring and steroid shots.
My doctor says that I just need to hang out and really stay off my feet. & so far the results have been beautiful. I will update you more as it progresses, I am praying and trying hard to keep from getting sick.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Birthday and home make-over

A few of the "Before"
The Shower doors are icky, we can't take them out unfortunately because we would have to buy a new bath tub and walls as a result but we are going to cover them up with a lovely shower curtains. We are ordering a shower rod just gotta wait until it gets here!The icky Vanity from the 7o's I can't wait until that gets pulled out!
cute little sink

The bathroom walls and window's before paint and new blinds.

Gross back doors! Seriously I gaged so many times while cleaning it and painting it over.

The end.

A few" In Progress" pictures!

Kitchen window after some crisp white paint, looks a million times better!

The hall way we are painting

Guest bedroom

Well.... there you go.

Painting the trim work

The landing being painted!

The newly painted closet doors to our room!

Anna enjoying her new yard!
lol she was rolling around in the grass for like twenty minutes on her back
and then decided to just lay there afterwards.
Such a goofball.

The back doors after.
You woulden't believe the difference!

One of the bedrooms

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our home so far...

These are a couple of pictures of our on going painting and construction of our new home.
In these pictures we had just barely painted the living room & entry way walls.
All this was a day ago.
Today the trim work is nearly complete and the all the baseboards, doorways and windows been painted white downstairs.

Dinning room.
That window is no longer that ugly brown it has a pretty white trim.


These are BEFORE

pictures of our home they

may hurt your eyes!!

Click on the picture to get a good look

(& gross not my furniture!)

Old cabinets that need some decorating!!

Old Sixties style flooring.

Just looks dirty all the time.


Getting it ripped up on Thursday.

& yes it reeked of kitty litter.

Look at this door...

the lady who was in the home before us said she made it look "vintage"

looks more like to me she had her kids wipe bleach and left over lunch on the poor old door. Gross.

Kitty litter in the living room??

What the heck!?

That the most sicknast thing I've ever seen!

That's our home so far in BEFORE and AFTER :)
I'll keep you posted pretty much daily about changes
cause there's a whole lot more to come!

Birthday dinner & a movie!

My Birthday dinner and movie!

Yummy PF Changs!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So I had a little time on my hands...

Just something funny I wanted to share with you all.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One year older and wiser too...






LOVE you



Monday, August 10, 2009

Prosser WA

Ok Really cool sign!
I wish I could have gotten more pictures of it!

that I actually try to do my hair sometimes.
I thought prosser deserved to see a better side of me so I curled my hair.
So this store "Rustic Rooster"
was one of the main reasons why I wanted to drive to prosser.
I diden't even take a decent picure of the store but everything in there was cute!

Yummy, yummy food!!
Oh look and some happy customers!

So you can totally tell I took this from my car!
but we ran out of time so I just took what I could

OK so this past Saturday Joel and drove about 30 minutes down the road to this really cute little town called Prosser. We originally planned on fishing and getting a bite to eat and possibly looking at some stores, but we got a late start and didn't go fishing at all. Bummer. But we found a really good cafe and some cute stores and ended up having a really good afternoon. I think my favorite part besides the Rustic Rooster was the candy store! We stopped into this candy and gift store called "Chuck-er Cherries" that sells chocolate covered nuts and cherries.
MMMM best pecans I've ever had!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Great weekend :)

Joel and I had a wonderful weekend :) No we diden't get our furniture that we picked out or do anything with our new home.
we did have fun getting my blood taken at a lab
and then checking out some cute boutiqe stores around town and then of course, heading for
PF changs for an early B-day dinner for Joel.


I came home with these babys!
I found them at a local thirft store, they were all an ugly brown color before... & everyone thought I was crazy for buying them but then I painted these puppys with spray paint and look how cute they are!
They will be going in the babys room cause its all shabby chic in there I just love it!