Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Christmas Spirit

Just a few thoughts of mine here. We as humans often lead up to this time of year with a rush of things to do, things to buy, trips to schedule, and people to see. It's been said again and again, but really this is a time that we should slow down, and think of the little child that was born in that little dirty stable in Bethlehem a very long time ago. Jesus grew up to be the man that would make blind men see, and the lame to walk. He would raise those that were dead, conquer Satan, and his hold on us, and even break down the walls of death that hold us back from Eternity. Can we really honor him in a frenzy of buying and people seeing? Jesus was the single greatest life form to grace the soil of this planet, how many decorations on the Christmas tree remind us of Him? I'm just asking rhetorically, because I fall into the same thing. My Darth Vader Decoration is up there on the tree with everyone elses, but I'm just wondering, why do we need a tree to honor the Son of God? What significance does it hold? I think instead of blasting Christmas music maybe we should take a few more quiet hours of contemplation about what Jesus did for us. Perhaps instead of worrying about what you will get someone this year, think about how you are going to serve them, and what good you are going to do in this world. We have to face the facts, the world is darkening all around us, and that will not change. We will never beat off this darkness through ignoring it, or by imagining that our Christmas lights and gifts are a true reflection of the joy and love we should feel because of the Atonement of the Savior. In the absence of light, Darkness prevails. Light can only be spread by serving our fellow man, doing good, preaching Christ, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. I for one plan on spending a little more time on my knees in gratitude for the one true and unperishable gift of this season, Jesus Christ, and His atoning blood.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Austin and Sarah delivered a beautiful baby boy last week his name is
Brady Kenneth Glidewell :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas tree


Joel and I went to Walmart last night and purchased our first Christmas tree. It was so little but none the less we were so excited to get it home and decorated.
We are so excited for our first Christmas!