Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have been so terrible lately about updating and keeping up with my pictures!
It seems like every time I have a minute,
(when adelynn is content)
I remember something else that needs doing around the house
or errands that need to be run, so this is obv put on the back burner, as it should,
but I miss writing on here!

So here's my fabulous new post!

Here are some fun pictures I took of a trip I took to Yakima last Thursday.
Yakima is about an hour away.

Heather wanted to go, so I told her I would come along,

& sheesh was it a beautiful day!

I had a great time!
Thanks Heather!!

Love it heather!

This spells freedom to me... the open road straight out of town!

Freaking adorable houses!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I love what was said this month by President Thomas S. Monson, its the first presidencies message

"Your Personal Liahona"

“Your patriarchal blessing is yours and yours alone. It may be brief or lengthy, simple or profound. Length and language do not a patriarchal blessing make.
It is the Spirit that conveys the true meaning.
Your blessing is not to be folded neatly and tucked away.
It is not to be framed or published.
Rather, it is to be read.
It is to be loved. It is to be followed.
Your patriarchal blessing will see you through the darkest night.
It will guide you through life’s dangers.… Your patriarchal blessing is to you, a personal Liahona to chart your course and guide your way. …
“Patience may be required as we watch, wait, and work for a promised blessing to be fulfilled.”

Another quote I love from this month message is

"Learn Lessons of the Past"

“In the search for our best selves, several questions will guide our thinking:

Am I what I want to be?

Am I closer to the Savior today than I was yesterday?

Will I be closer yet tomorrow?

Do I have the courage to change for the better? …

“The years have come and the years have gone, but the need for a testimony of the gospel continues paramount.
"As we move toward the future, we must not neglect the lessons of the past.”

I know that on my quest each day to be a better person (sometimes I fail horribly) I try to look at what lessons I have learned in the past, such as my past mistakes,
What did I learn from it?

I don't want them to be a broken record.
So I look back so I can move forward.
Never dwell on your mistakes, just know that each trial or struggle we went through made us who we are. Take those mistakes & reach for something higher.

another quote I love is this...

"Come unto Him"

“Remember that you do not walk alone. … As you walk through life, always walk toward the light, and the shadows of life will fall behind you. …

“As I [have] turned to the scriptures for inspiration, a particular word [has] stood out time and time again. The word [is] ‘come.’ The Lord said, ‘Come unto me.’ He said, ‘Come learn of me.’ He also said, ‘Come, follow me.’ I like that word, come.

My plea is that we would come to the Lord.”

How simple.

I too love that word.
srsly as I was reading that,
I was thinking about how I could portray an example to my readers (whoever you are)
of how we can "come" unto the lord.


The first thing that popped into my mind was something as simple as,

listening to a little music each day that is uplifting.
I know that I love me some Carrie Underwood most days, but I always try to take a break when I'm around the house & put something a little more quiet on & more spiritual.

let me suggest my favorite cds, they come in a pair and they are amazing.

little by little... step by step...

" For behold, thus saith the Lord God: I will give unto the children of men line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little;
and blessed are those who hearken unto my precepts, and lend an ear unto my counsel,
for they shall learn wisdom;
for unto him that receiveth I will give more;
and from them that shall say,
'We have enough,'
from them shall be taken away even that which they have. "
2 nephi 28:30

I love the whole first presidency's message I just want to cut and paste the whole thing, but I'm only going to relate to you what I got out of it.

You can go here to read more.

I highly suggest it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a lovey dovey day

Joel surprised me with these beauties and my favorite CD of the moment...


then it was off to the next surprise...

We went and saw "dear john"

It was allot better than I expected.

I had read the book several times & loved it.
I think they did the book justice,

It was a very romantic movie!

Then it was on to another surprise, which turned out to be dinner!

This place was seriously beautiful and so nice!

We had filet Mignon and trout.
Who knew Richland had such a cool restaurant?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pages turned, bridges burned, lessons learned

I've had my eyes opened today...

It wasen't about anything I did not already know


I realized

that I am such a chicken.

& I have a tendency to be passive.


I'm trying to get over it.

What is not lame is this song that I just can't stop listening to,
its by

Carrie Underwood

"lessons learned"

Now maybe I'm talked about it before, but to me the song does not get old b/c
I can relate to it.



today its the only thing that seems to really speak to me.

So go Listen & enjoy

b/c its real and straight up.

love it.

You know what else I love?

This little darling!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

check it out!

A few new things around my house!
I'm pretty thrilled about the camera but I love my cute little chandelier and I made the pom poms for Adelynns room they are just so fun and add some character to the room.

PS. Her room really isn't that brown, its just the way I tweaked the picture lol its actually like a pink!

New pictures!

Monday, February 8, 2010

What no parenting book will ever tell you | Mormon Mommy Blogs

This is a great article I would recomend to anyone who is unsure about this subject.
Everything that is said is truth! & I love it. Thanks mormonmommy!
What no parenting book will ever tell you Mormon Mommy Blogs

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Dear Adelynn,

You are four months old to the day.
You have grown so much in such a short period of time it amazes your father and I.
How beautiful you are with your big blue eyes and dark brown hair!
Sweetie, do you remember when you were born, when you first came out and they gave me to you, how you looked right up at me with those big blue eyes?
You are so, so strong. I am so proud!
Did You know are exactly how I pictured my Daughter to look when I was young?
You are such a dream come true!
Do you realize know how nice it is to wake up each morning with you next to me?
Its been about a month of sleeping through the night, how great that has been for both of us!
Adelynn honey, do you know how wonderful your smile makes me feel when you first see me each day? I don't think I could possibly express it to you.
Every little thing you do is special, and monumental and amazing in my eyes.
I am blessed every second that you are with me; with your father and I.
we love you so much baby girl.
Here's to a wonderful four months!

love always,
Mommy ♥

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blessing Day

Was a beautiful Day....

Full of warm fuzzy feelings...

Lots of smiles...

And great company...

Adelynn Janae Fauver looked sweet ( and sleepy) & all her family and friends

(not including the Glidewell side )

all came to share in her

special moment