Sunday, March 21, 2010


Took these pictures like two weeks ago and never uploaded them til now,
but isn't she getting so big!?

becoming such a chunk-er!
I took these after she got her two month old shots at five months.

I bought this headband for her at this cute boutique at Dana park while I was in mesa last and It was so big on her then she couldn't wear it but other day I pulled it out and low and behold it fit! So I was really excited & had to take pictures!
I think its darling!


nate and amy crandell said...

she is so stinkin cute!!! and hey I just mailed you the vinyl!!! so you should get it this week :) I emailed you about it too!

Heidi, Chris, and Lexi Glidewell said...

I LOVE the one where she is looking sideways with her mouth open, really cute!

Vegan Valerie said...

I love that close up shot! Adee is cuuuute!