Saturday, March 20, 2010

I recently decided that I wanted to change how I ate to a more natural organic diet.

This week has been hard for me, because Joel and I have been sick and Adelynn is pretty sick with the congestive virus stuff that's going around. So I have not thought much about what I was eating I just ate because I was hungry and missed meals.

So... you know how that goes, I ate really crappy

junk, fast meals.

I am trying to make myself cook more, I really don't enjoy it much most days,

but you know its something you just gotta do or you end up eating badly

or spending a fortune on eating out.

Last week though was really good, I brought rice milk and organic soups and salads.

& I had never had them before really, I loved it!

I especially liked the vanilla rice milk,

its way better than regular old dairy milk!

Funny story...

Before I was pregnant I hated dairy milk I thought it tasted sour except for the chocolate milk, its alway been awesome. But now that I'm not pregnant any longer It tastes sour again.
so for me this rice milk stuff is really working out.


I just read this article on food consumption and factory farms, while I was watching Adee sleep at my side, (I have to keep a good eye on her while shes congested)

I really believe what was said by this man. Its a great article.

& not only this particular article but I watched Oprah the other day and she was talking about this stuff! I think she called it a 'food revolution'.

I really liked that.

& I also saw a commercial on abc that was all about "food revolution"

& teaching kids to eat better! you can check it out here

It sounds awesome, I am really excited about watching!

Anyway I'm not perfect, I mess up but I really want to have a lifestyle change here.

I don't want to have disease in my life that I could have prevented by eating better.

I just want to "run and not be weary, Walk and not be faint"

I love the word of wisdom, because its just that, wisdom! knowledge!
on how to best take care of this beautiful body you were given.


Nobodys perfect. Nobody eats amazing all the time, but I think its good to be more aware of what you eat and what you use...

Anyways, this is me getting off my soapbox....

over and out.


Vegan Valerie said...

I love to hear your excitement about healthy living! Our nation needs a food revolution! That's true! We all need to eat better.

It can be really hard sometimes though, even for vegans. There is vegan junk food aplenty, believe you me! Sometimes a whole day will go by and I didn't eat a single fresh fruit or vegetable! Blah. I try not to let that happen too often. :)

I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick, and Adee, and Joel. That's no fun. Perhaps you are well now, since my comment is a little late in coming? I hope so!

Love you Autumn! Get well soon! :)