Saturday, October 15, 2011


New post coming soon!

We visited the Seattle Aquarium !

& saw this lovely city!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween favorites

I love white pumpkins & just pumpkins in general but I love pottery barns pumpkins this year they are fantastic! My husband  lost his job recently so I cannot be purchasing these beauty's this year  not that I need too lol I have plenty already, but its so nice to dream! I love what PB did with the front door of the house I love the crows and the lanterns. I  have one lantern like the ones on display but wouldn't it be cool to have tons on the walk way like that for a party? If only... lol. I love fall and well the holidays in general are always so exciting I love the decorations!

ALSO we just moved into a new place that's more north end of Richland. I would show pictures but there is still so much in boxes and very few things actually hung up! But I can tell you its a duplex house (look up Richland WA. "ABC houses") a "B" house its yellow with white trim around the windows and has a huge front and side yard with a giant shade tree that's parallel to a drive way up the side of the house.  Its got tech 3 bed.  2 upstairs with wood floor and a bathroom across the hallway. I love that our house it is not a two story home! Ahh I was so tired of that! Anyways, we have a family room downstairs that we keep the TV and our old couches down there and the third bed is more like Adelynns new play room with a big window :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Adelynns 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday!

We visited the birds and fed them some bread, adelynn loved that so much & after ward we got baskin robins :) At about 6 we ate at red robin where adelynn had a great time eating dinner with some of her relatives and surrounded herself with plenty of balloons! Then after dinner we went for a quiet walk to the temple grounds; it was peaceful and sweet. Adelynn had a good time pointing out all the different plants and rocks she saw. It was a great day all in all.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hey ya'll

Hey everyone its been awhile! I hope you have all been well and allot of good has come your way sense the last time I posted.

I guess I'll start by telling you something about me...
I am an emotional person  it affects everything I do.
I don't always like that about myself, in fact most times I despise it but I'm realizing is Its part of who I am and maybe its not always such a bad thing if used in more possitive ways? As my mother and also my dear sister in law would describe, I'm a tender hearted gal.  I read the other day Busy Bee Laurens blog, she had a post where she talked about herself in a very similar way, I found it interesting though that she described it as her "gift" I had never thought of it that way before.  It shead some light on me, helped me feel less like a silly problematic woman. lol 
Anyways the point that I'm trying but have been failing to come to is,
I've had  allot of struggles in my life namely, Depression, Adhd that have greatly affect my life and made things just so much tougher PLUS Ive always been a introverted, in my own little world, emotional, sensitive  kind of girl but I'm thinking now that maybe that does not make me weak? Totally strange? Maybe its making me into something better? Anyways Just been on my mind. Totally random self help talk.

 Also I want to share why I have not been blogging or emailing... I don't really care who knows at this point but my husband & I have been going through some big bumps in our marriage and its kept me from pretty much doing anything online that's worthwhile. But being even more honest,  when I could get on,  I just didn't care to share anything. Do you know the feeling? I think particularly it was hard because I still needed to sort out my feelings from all the things I was going through and also because I was just too upset with myself and our situation to think about opening up. I just want to say, thank heaven we are doing better and getting help that we have needed, and we are getting on the right track to having a more happy loving marriage.