Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So excited, so blessed

I'm sitting here in my Father in laws study listening to my husband and all my in-laws play Wii golf and bowling, while listing to Mo Tab "Away in a Manger."
& Just before that, I was at Target with my Mom in law getting a baby sling for our trip down to Mesa AZ tomorrow.
I am very excited for this trip, I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight.
( not that Adelynn will let me anyways lol)
But as I was listening to my family in the next room I realized that I am going to miss these people so much while I am away.
For so long there, I was home sick and the only thing I really wanted was to see my family in AZ .
I realize now that Its going to be wonderful to see my folks but these are my people here the ones that I see all the time and have been such a support system for us have become my family and I will miss them very much.
Funny how that happens.
I'm feeling that Holiday Spirit...
So happy for Christmas Eve tomorrow,
For good Mexican Food, for watching "Its a wonderful life' and "A Christmas carol" and lets not forget the awesome Glidewell Nativity reenactment.
Good Times will be had, & I can't wait!
Merry Christmas everyone!
I pray that Christmas will be wonderful for all of you.
& to the Glidewells I am sorry Topher and Heidi, that I will not be seeing you for Christmas but I can't wait to see you for the new year!
May God bless and keep you until we see each other again!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


To be Feeling that Holiday spirit.
I went back to church today. &
There really could not have been a better day for us to go back.
I loved hearing the holiday carols as I was walking up to the building, they really drew me in.
I was so excited that we got to partake of the sacrament & feel of the holy spirit.
Something I have not experienced in so long; its was sad.
Joel and I also have a new calling in church.
I am glad that we have a calling because to be honest I've never really had one as an adult.
My years of way-ward feelings toward the church and my anxiety never let me fulfill one.
& now that I have the chance again I am so excited!
It was wonderful to teach CTR 6 class today.
Amazing & uplifting to be teaching them about the Savior and his birth.
What a wonderful blessing to be teaching about the single most important event that has ever happened to this world.


Just felt the need to Say that I am a much happier woman as of the last couple of weeks.

I was feeling so depressed this past month...

Not because of the baby, she has made my life worth living & wonderful/awe-inspiring/beautiful.

I was just so tired obviously from the late nights and also from feeling lonely.
I never saw my husband except to switch off with the baby +
My home was always a mess which was a bummer.

I want to give a shout out to the Fauvers for being so helpful the last couple of weeks.

I know I would have never admitted that I needed allot of help,

so I'm glad you came in there and insisted on helping me.

You knew Joel and I needed the rest, needed the company, needed the help.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for opening up your home and your hearts to us at this time when we needed it most.
Thanks for showing us a wonderful example of what it means to have that Christmas spirit of giving and loving our fellow man, the Christ like spirit.

Merry Christmas &

Joel, Autumn & Adelynn Fauver

Happy to be

  • Happy to be struggling with trials. Living and loving with my family good times or bad.
  • Happy to have those sleepless nights with my little one. She's growing so fast before I know it she will be crawling and then soon after walking! I'm trying so hard to live in the moment with her and take it all in. I just don't want to forget a thing.
  • Happy to married to my best friend in the whole wide world. He's so good to me. He's a better person than I've ever been. I'm a lucky woman to have him.
  • I'm just so happy for my life, I am so happy to be me.
What makes you happy?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas with the Fauvers

I took some Christmas card photos of my brother and sister in laws
Joshua, Heather & Andrew last Saturday.
I don't have a great camera, but I think they turned out pretty darn cute.
by the way they have the cutest kid,
gotta love his cute smile and curly hair!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can you see the difference?

This is Adelynn at 8 1/2 pounds
she is two months old!

This is Adelynn about a week after the above photo was taken.
with the help of with her new formula and she is now over twelve pounds!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


The snow has arrived!! Well at least a couple of inches...
buts that's allot to an Arizona girl and its enough to make me excited! :)

(Note that I took this right before the snow storm.)


This is Joel's pinkie finger, as you can tell it has pins stuck in all directions at the tip and what seems to be a very shiny fingernail. that's foil to cover the lost nail and stitches and pins to hold together the crushed bone in his finger tip. Gross.

Joel had his finger tip crushed and partially severed nine days ago while working some overtime. He was in a elevator, you know the kind with the steel doors that you pull down yourself? yeah it had a malfunction and the doors can slamming down when he and his co-worker were trying close it up and obv caught Joel's finger in the process.

Joel had to have his finger tip sewn back on with pins put in place for the bone that was crushed that Friday night. & yes he went under for this.

Funny thing is the accident happened that Friday morning and none of the many, many doctors and emergency room doctors he visited wanted to keep the end of his finger but he ended up getting referred to a orthopedic specialist who saved his finger and now after nine days and one amazing surgery later he's starting to get feeling back into his finger and slowly moving it.

on a better note....

Adee is Doing a bit better she was put on a special kind of formula that is called smililac allimentum and its super expensive but has made allot of difference! She is now over twelve pounds and is not near as fussy or gassy as she was just days ago! We are not sure if its a quick fix but I definitely think its a good start! Allimentum formula is a formula for sensitive stomachs that have a hard time breaking down proteins and its hypoallergenic because often times there are food allergy's as well with babies that are prescribed it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

allot has been going down

I will make an update as soon as I catch my breath there's so much to say I've had a wild week!

see you soon