Thursday, February 9, 2012

Great news!

OK so I have been away a terribly long time and for good reason too!

So if anyone out there cares to know, Joel and I moved again! We are back in AZ now in a apartment/duplex. ha ha its a very tiny split house that feels more like an apartment with a small back yard. Anyways we moved because we felt like it was the right time even though we had just moved into another house for a short time. Joel is back in school and we are dirt floor poor again lol that has been a very hard thing for me to adjust to again especially with a little girl now I have to do everything so cheaply and eat in every meal and pretty much no shopping ever for anything other than necessities. No new clothes or shoes or crafts. ha ha I hate having old clothes but what can yeah do, its a sacrifice we made so we could get Joel going in school.  I wouldn't take it back. Its been incredibly great for us! No matter what people say we are doing so much better in our marriage and just life in general and it has nothing to do with my parents and brothers & sisters being close, even though that is so nice I think and  I love being able to see them. Joel and I feel  like we are on the right track again and  doing whats right so we are in a better place and that = happiness and blessings.  We are expecting another baby come august! Funny thing until we got our life more straightened out I don't think this would have happened for us. I just think its too big of a coincidence. Anyways we are so glad to be back in AZ and if anyone knows of a good paying part time job 12:30 pm on let us know lol until then I will be tired, hungry (but nothing sounds good) stomach sick and craving junk food! haha I swear all I've wanted to eat was either tacos or cinnamon rolls or fried chicken. lol