Wednesday, March 31, 2010

spring has brought me such a nice suprise...

First off isn't that just so cute?
she is really trying to feed herself!
Did you know whenever its feeding time,
she freaks (aka screams at the top of her lungs) until she sees the bottle?
lol little turkey.

These are the tulips lining the front walk way :)
beautiful huh?

Have a nice Wednesday everyone!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How is it possible

That you can manage to get your pacifier out of your mouth and underneath you and 7 layers of blankets all within about 2 minutes of me setting you down in your bouncy chair adee?

Its like a freaking Easter egg Hunt trying to find it again so you can go back to sleep. lol

happens every night.

ps. I really want a pacifier that says that! Its so adelynn!

some pictures of my house in richland, sideing and all...

More to come soon. There is actually cute Little tulips and what not in the front side walk now that I must take pictures of, they are beautiful.
its on my to do list...

ohh how you have grown

Dear Adelynn

How did you go from

this tiny little person........

To a big Five month old so fast?

where has the time gone?

you need to stop growing so fast!



Monday, March 22, 2010

Whats making me happy right now...

This picture of Joel & I

(even though I gave him a bad hair cut lol)

beautiful pony's, and cherished memories....

poor, sweet (& sickly) baby girl!

Thats whats making my day!
Whats making yours?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Important Things in Life

Ok, so anyone that knows me will know that this is a little off tack for me. I don't really like typing things out like this and making it public, it's not really my style, it's too impersonal...That being said, I have to come out and say it, I'm doing this to show gratitude. Not like the, "Hey look at what I did when I told someone thank you." kind of gratitude, I mean like the "Ok Lord, you were right, Thanks."

Anyway, so here I am. I have a bacterial infection, my wife is sick, and my daughter has a viral respiratory infection, yet in my heart there is only gratitude. Why? For Heavenly Messengers, for the Holy Ghost, and for the Power, the Authority to act for God given to men. I have been able to give blessing to my family, literally lay my hands on their heads, and have words imparted to me from the Holy Ghost, telling people things through me that I never would have known without heavenly assistance. I have seen diseases rebuked, ailments healed, and little children delivered from pain into the sweetest sleep through that power. It is literal, it is real, and more of a force that we can recognize and feel than anything that we consider "real" in this life. Take a look around you. What do you see? How many things are just machinery, cold, and lifeless? How many things in your house do you invest time in that have no life of their own, I.E. Books, Movies, Chores, Money, Sports, Scrapbooking? What for? Why do we give ourselves to these things with no life, when a Living God is here moving among us in power? Isn't it time we unplug and choose to be different? Machines, and other physical things, we can see, but THEY can't FEEL, they can't know us, but we ignore quite often the Being that is, or can be there with us always.....God. He feels, He knows us, He is the very best friend we can ever have, yet as the scriptures say, we sell Him for things of no worth. So this is me, Saying Thank you to God. He lives, He's real, he as servants on earth today that are more needed to be listened too than ever before. He is our lighthouse for those of us foundering in the sea of wickedness in this world, the thing that we can look to to guide us right. He will never leave us, forsake us or disappoint us. I'm ging to work go give up things that aren't the most important to me, and live in the now with my wife and beautiful daughter. Thanks Lord.


Took these pictures like two weeks ago and never uploaded them til now,
but isn't she getting so big!?

becoming such a chunk-er!
I took these after she got her two month old shots at five months.

I bought this headband for her at this cute boutique at Dana park while I was in mesa last and It was so big on her then she couldn't wear it but other day I pulled it out and low and behold it fit! So I was really excited & had to take pictures!
I think its darling!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I recently decided that I wanted to change how I ate to a more natural organic diet.

This week has been hard for me, because Joel and I have been sick and Adelynn is pretty sick with the congestive virus stuff that's going around. So I have not thought much about what I was eating I just ate because I was hungry and missed meals.

So... you know how that goes, I ate really crappy

junk, fast meals.

I am trying to make myself cook more, I really don't enjoy it much most days,

but you know its something you just gotta do or you end up eating badly

or spending a fortune on eating out.

Last week though was really good, I brought rice milk and organic soups and salads.

& I had never had them before really, I loved it!

I especially liked the vanilla rice milk,

its way better than regular old dairy milk!

Funny story...

Before I was pregnant I hated dairy milk I thought it tasted sour except for the chocolate milk, its alway been awesome. But now that I'm not pregnant any longer It tastes sour again.
so for me this rice milk stuff is really working out.


I just read this article on food consumption and factory farms, while I was watching Adee sleep at my side, (I have to keep a good eye on her while shes congested)

I really believe what was said by this man. Its a great article.

& not only this particular article but I watched Oprah the other day and she was talking about this stuff! I think she called it a 'food revolution'.

I really liked that.

& I also saw a commercial on abc that was all about "food revolution"

& teaching kids to eat better! you can check it out here

It sounds awesome, I am really excited about watching!

Anyway I'm not perfect, I mess up but I really want to have a lifestyle change here.

I don't want to have disease in my life that I could have prevented by eating better.

I just want to "run and not be weary, Walk and not be faint"

I love the word of wisdom, because its just that, wisdom! knowledge!
on how to best take care of this beautiful body you were given.


Nobodys perfect. Nobody eats amazing all the time, but I think its good to be more aware of what you eat and what you use...

Anyways, this is me getting off my soapbox....

over and out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

long time coming

So I've found it very difficult lately to sit down and write

anything about whats been going on in my personal life.

I've had allot on my mind though.

Its just been sort of brewing for the last couple of weeks...

SO Joel and I finally figured out what we want to do for school and when and where we want to go and we have a real plan. I'm changing how I'm eating & living to a more organic natural living kind of lifestyle. It makes me feel good to know that I am giving my body a chance to be all it can be, and that I am giving the environment a chance also.

I am starting figure out what I really want to be in life...

  • I know with out a doubt in my mind, that I want to be with Joel forever. He is everything I want and need. & I can't live with out him. ♥
  • I know being a mother is so fun and so amazing. Its a big responsibility and can be frustrating and stressful but its so worth it all. I love my little cootie girl so much. She's everything.
  • I know that I brought my first set of pencils in, I don't even know how long the other night, I can't wait to get going on a new picture. Its been too long.

  • I know that I am hoping to take some riding lessons this summer I can't wait to get back into the saddle!

  • I know that I am looking forward, for the first time, to when I can go back to school.
From the song by Switchfoot
" This is your life"
' This is your life, are you who you want to be?'
I am finally starting to listening to my heart again and its telling me all of those things.
Follow your heart. Be who you are. Be true.

PS. I happened upon the above picture in my documents.
That was actually taken last spring break at Disney land.
It's made me so happy this week!
What makes you happy?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Right out side my window

This is the world according to Autumn's upstairs bedroom window....

Have a Beautiful & safe
Thursday everyone!

sweet child of mine

Out of all the cute pictures I took yesterday....

This one has got to be the cutest!