Sunday, January 25, 2009

The phx zoo

Martin Luther King Day.

My Family all except my Dad and brother & sister in Michigan came to the Phx zoo.

As you would have expected it was a really busy day at the zoo becuse everyone is off of work!

But besides the fact that everyone and their dog was there, it was a good trip!

All day It seemed like all the animals were out and about in the exhibits; they were allot of fun to watch especially the monkeys!

I also got allot of good pictures of the animals posing which I was thrilled about. :)

But I think my favorite part was the fact that I was not only being entertained but I was getting exercise walking around the entire zoo at the same time!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Ok its been wayyy too long sense I last posted!

I thought sense I have not put up any of my wedding pictures or wrote about my wedding that this might be a good opportunity!

Joel and I were married April 29th of 2008 in the Mesa Arizona Temple.

Its a funny story because April 29th is a Tuesday! Well the Story behind all that is Joel and I met on Sep 29th of 07. Joel was really adamant at the idea of getting married on the 29th as kind of a reminder of when we met. He's just so cute and sentimental like that.

Well I made a cute little collage of some engagement pictures and wedding photos so I hope you enjoy!