Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our trip to Mesa for Christmas

We were supposed to be flying in to Mesa on Christmas Eve day.

Something I've never done before and will be glad to never do again.


Our flight was delayed for like 4 hours!

We were supposed to be in AZ around 5 pm ended up getting to my parents house (with the car ride) around 9:00 pm.

Good thing Aligent air is so cheep!

total lameness.

I just remember how I was dying by the time we got to Mesa I had not had anything to eat for hours and I was really looking forward to the Mex food that was promised.


aint no mex food like AZ mex food.

But dang here we were in a flipping airport...




I had such a heavy heart from walking around w/ adee trying to keep her happy. How long would this take?

Now their saying Mechanical difficulties?

Possibly a new plane will be flying in for us?

I can't miss out on A Christmas Carol or the Nativity re-enactment!

I was feeling "So poopy" as Joel would say.

I was feeling sorry for myself,

For us.

But Then I remembered that I would get to see my sweet little one year old Nephew Brady and Sarah and Austin and Hallie and Ian.

And they would be seeing our precious little Adee

for the first time too...

I couldn't help but crack a smile at that point.

I started to get excited again...

I guess...

Christmas Eve wasn't going to be a total disaster If I didn't get to eat with everyone or watch the movie and eat sweets or have a re-enactment.

Christmas is about spending time with your families and Remembering our lord.

And even though we had a long day and we missed out on somethings I was just so glad to be home again.

Our Christmas was Awesome/lovely/special.

I'll never forget it.

Thx mom and Dad. <3


Vegan Valerie said...

Hi, it's me again!

Your post really pulled me in! Reading it, I felt like I was right there with you at the airport, anxious and excited all at the same time! In spite of the travel and waiting, I am glad that you had a great Christmas with your own family. I assume you must miss them terribly, especially now that you have your new little one. (You call her Adee, for short? That is really cute!)

Love you, Autumn!