Monday, January 18, 2010

looking back

This was me

I just want to get to a place where I felt great like in this picture.

This was just after I got married

and I was very fit.

I just want to get back to the days where my face was not

puffy and fat.

I don't care so much about getting into my old size four skirts and pants,

I care more about slimming down


being healthy.

I don't believe in going on crazy diets where you cut out all the things you enjoy eating,
& drink like green tea for like two weeks straight
or no carbs
or only veggies.

That never worked for me the past


I know

It would not work now.

Instead I would like to focus more on just healthy living.

Changing your lifestyle.

You can have those desserts once in a while and breads but
focuing more on eating fruits and veggies,
less sodium and fats.
smaller meals


Vegan Valerie said...

I know you can do it, Autumn! It's great to hear you say your focus is not on that "size 4 skirt", but on being healthy. That's how we all need to be thinking. Love you!

VivaciousVegan said...

Hi, I am a fellow blogger. I too have struggles with loving myself and feeling like I am not at my best right now. I have read the things you have said on your blog and it is so heartfelt and lovely. Whether you are a size 4 for a size 14, what's on the inside is what counts. You are a beautiful girl, you have so much to be thankful for, God made you perfect! This may be the you, you really are. Embrace it. Keep working out and eating healthy, and you will be healthy no matter what size you are.. I love your blog, it is really sweet.

Beary Bee said...

Hello my love. If you were in the AZ with me I would totally become your workout bud. That said what works best for me is pretending that Curtis is cheering me on. Yeah. Good luck... I know it's hard!