Monday, November 9, 2009

My favorite person

I guess you could say that's Joel and Adelynns version of Eskimo kisses lol

She really does not like being on her tummy right now

Such a good sleeper (like her mom) ha ha


Heidi, Chris, and Lexi Glidewell said...

I am surprised you are doing tummy time already.

Bath pics are cute!

Heidi, Chris, and Lexi Glidewell said...

no, tummy time is not unusual at all. It is great for kids. I am just surprised your doc told you to start it so soon. That is all. But, don't worry, one day she will love it!

harley kat ricks said...

I am in love with her!! haha, so cute!

Valerie Fauver said...

Thanks again for sharing such adorable pictures! Love you all! :)