Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I listen to too much TV

Lately I've noticed I've been using/ listening to the TV too much.
You want to know why I believe this? This morning I realized I would turn it on just to hear it even if I don't watch it. My mind is completely else where &&& I've started to talk back to the TV when I do, lol especially when whoopie says something ridiculous on The View.
Sorry y'all I can't stand her, she's too liberal for me kthanks.
I even got excited to watch paid programs yesterday! haha for products I could never afford and is probably a waste too (except for you cricit machine I will continue to drool over you.) Its even gotten so bad that I am giving in to boredom & watching soap operas such as, "As the world turns" and "All my children"
Feels like I need to go to rehab after watching those shows.
Ohh snap. What has my life become lately?
I need to find something else to do when I am watching/feeding Adelynn cause... Dang.


Nathan & Katie Patrick said...

my sister reads a book

Valerie Fauver said...

I understand what you mean about the TV problem. I think I have that too! If I figure out a sure-fire way to remedy this issue, I'll let you know! :)