Sunday, November 15, 2009

I realized the other day that sometimes seeing how successful other women are at cooking, keeping up with their home, decorating, dressing fashionable etc. Sometimes I get distraught because I feel like I am doing well at something and then I see how much better somebody else does whatever it is, or manages to get more done in the week than me. It can be frustrating.
But then again, I realized as I was looking at my daughter, that I may not be very smart, not very creative, funny, great at cooking or cleaning, organizing or fashionable but I am who I am and I am grateful for my life and it does not matter what somebody else does.
I applaud others for being so excellent but I am just going to do what makes me feel good and keeps me happy. I am going to be my best happy self for Adelynn and that is good enough.
ps. The pictures are just something I felt like posting. I love those pictures.


Valerie Fauver said...

I like these pictures too! You and Joel look cute together!

Perhaps this may cheer you: I think you have a wonderful sense of style! For instance, you looked very well put together every time I saw you, when last I was in Washington. I really mean that! Fashion is something that I don't keep up with, but I admire those who do! It is fun to decorate and dress beautifully! I think it's awesome to see other women (like yourself!) taking care to look so pretty!

I know it's easy to get caught up in comparing and such, but you don't deserve to feel bad--you are lovely and great just the way you are!

Love you! :)