Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween favorites

I love white pumpkins & just pumpkins in general but I love pottery barns pumpkins this year they are fantastic! My husband  lost his job recently so I cannot be purchasing these beauty's this year  not that I need too lol I have plenty already, but its so nice to dream! I love what PB did with the front door of the house I love the crows and the lanterns. I  have one lantern like the ones on display but wouldn't it be cool to have tons on the walk way like that for a party? If only... lol. I love fall and well the holidays in general are always so exciting I love the decorations!

ALSO we just moved into a new place that's more north end of Richland. I would show pictures but there is still so much in boxes and very few things actually hung up! But I can tell you its a duplex house (look up Richland WA. "ABC houses") a "B" house its yellow with white trim around the windows and has a huge front and side yard with a giant shade tree that's parallel to a drive way up the side of the house.  Its got tech 3 bed.  2 upstairs with wood floor and a bathroom across the hallway. I love that our house it is not a two story home! Ahh I was so tired of that! Anyways, we have a family room downstairs that we keep the TV and our old couches down there and the third bed is more like Adelynns new play room with a big window :)