Monday, October 19, 2009


Labor was 37 hours with Adelynn although, I have to say it did not start to feel really bad until my water broke much later in the game. Thank goodness for epidurals they are the best!!! No offence to anyone out there who had a "natural child birth" with no pain killers whatsoever, I don't understand you. The pain killers were awesome and made the experience so much more comfortable and I was better able to focus on the labor than on the labor pains. :) I just have to say that so far in my life nothing has or will top having a child. It is so beautiful. I wouldn't say the afterbirth is lol but, having the child and seeing them after all the pain and the long months of waiting, well its just overwhelming how happy you are. Nothing tops it.
Recovering hasn't been much fun, there is allot more to it than I originally thought especially because I had not taken into account I would be recovering with all the late nights and early, early mornings but its all worth it when you see your happy baby looking back up at you.
I still have a while to go as far as recovering, I'm very tired most of the time and I don't feel like doing much except holding and feeding the baby and of course sleeping. But its getting better all the time and I'm so happy I hardly notice that I'm tired some days. Its amazing how that happens. Babies are the best.


Valerie Fauver said...

I like reading your posts, Autumn! Lately, every time I do, I think of Adelynn all grown up. She is going to love that you wrote about this! I wish my mom had recorded more of her life when I was young, right when it was happening, just like what you're doing here. You're accomplishing such a great thing for her and you probably didn't even realize it! So, good job!

Anyway... I just wanted to say it's wonderful to hear from you! Love you! :)

1autumn said...

Valerie that is so sweet of you to say I am blushing. I really hope one day that she does love reading what I've wrote about her and my life. My goal is to keep writing so that not only my family but I will be able to look back and remember and learn from my experiences and smile at all the great memmories. Thanks so much for all your comments, I never expected anyone to comment on my entrys but I am really glad that I get them any way :)

Valerie Fauver said...

I'm so pleased that you enjoy my comments! I sincerely mean them!

And it's great to know that you are writing your blog for YOU, because YOU want to, not necessarily for anybody else. That really is the most important thing. (That's kind of how I feel about my blogs too!)

Love you! :)

Beary Bee said...

I am on a commenting spree. So I have to say that I love your posts. They're very tasteful. I'm so happy you're adjusting well! It stinks with staying up all night with babies but they're so cute it's worth it! Hope all is going well with you guys!