Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time is running out

So I just want to thank my sister in laws for their comments on my last post it really made me very happy! I love you both so much!
SOOO I found out today that I will be induced either Sunday (whenever) or first thing Monday! The Doctor is trying to get me worked into the hospital he says they have been very busy over there and so anyways he has me on "stand by" so I'm packing my bags and trying not to freak out til then! :) Man I could really use some help some female help to help me decorate the baby's room because it's really not done at all! And I'm worried. Of course. lol
Thank goodness though for my mom she organized all the clothes and hung up many things for me but I worry about the furniture and curtains etc cause they are sort of just lying on her floor not hung or put together. Oh well. I'm doing the best I can with what I got here. :)
I am oh so excited for little Adelynn to be here and she will be so little I can't believe how little she will be it blows my mind! I always thought I would have some 10 pound baby but she will be a teeny weenie little five something baby! & I've been reassured that even though that is very small it wont really affect her health. Wheew.
Anyway, Joel and I just barely got our Internet and cable set up in our home so I can blog again. Hence me on here the last couple of days! he he It has not been fun being away especially because I've been down resting allot but I have to say in that time period I've gotten allot of good out of it. Sure my life has been super quiet but I've gotten allot of reading and scripture study done. I've wrote in my diary which I've always up til now, been so bad about!
I don't know in some ways it has not been fun, but in other ways it has been great.
& I'm sure I will be missing the naps, the reading and time to myself to think when the baby is screaming for me lol. yay!


Valerie Fauver said...

I like to leave you comments, Autumn! It's no problem at all! I mean every word!

I'm excited to know that little baby girl is almost here! I think it's great how you've been blogging and adding to your diary lately, spelling out all your feelings and concerns right before Adelynn is born. Someday she might really like to know about this moment in your life, and you wont have to remember every detail because you already wrote it down!

I sincerely hope that everything will go well at the hospital for you and Joel, that you may both have peace, serenity, and good health!