Monday, August 3, 2009

Great weekend :)

Joel and I had a wonderful weekend :) No we diden't get our furniture that we picked out or do anything with our new home.
we did have fun getting my blood taken at a lab
and then checking out some cute boutiqe stores around town and then of course, heading for
PF changs for an early B-day dinner for Joel.


I came home with these babys!
I found them at a local thirft store, they were all an ugly brown color before... & everyone thought I was crazy for buying them but then I painted these puppys with spray paint and look how cute they are!
They will be going in the babys room cause its all shabby chic in there I just love it!


Hallie Ann said...

hehe geez autumn you huge! hehe ok tomarrow im goin shoppin and im goin to get all the stuff for my nieces present from her fav aunt k? im goin to get some ribbon in the color you painted the frames k? its goin to be soooo cute! and you better leave for it on the wall!

1autumn said...

Yeah I'll put it on the wall remember to use modge podge! hehe I still have not been able to use mine its in storage! :)