Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our home so far...

These are a couple of pictures of our on going painting and construction of our new home.
In these pictures we had just barely painted the living room & entry way walls.
All this was a day ago.
Today the trim work is nearly complete and the all the baseboards, doorways and windows been painted white downstairs.

Dinning room.
That window is no longer that ugly brown it has a pretty white trim.


These are BEFORE

pictures of our home they

may hurt your eyes!!

Click on the picture to get a good look

(& gross not my furniture!)

Old cabinets that need some decorating!!

Old Sixties style flooring.

Just looks dirty all the time.


Getting it ripped up on Thursday.

& yes it reeked of kitty litter.

Look at this door...

the lady who was in the home before us said she made it look "vintage"

looks more like to me she had her kids wipe bleach and left over lunch on the poor old door. Gross.

Kitty litter in the living room??

What the heck!?

That the most sicknast thing I've ever seen!

That's our home so far in BEFORE and AFTER :)
I'll keep you posted pretty much daily about changes
cause there's a whole lot more to come!