Sunday, June 7, 2009

Most Random posting ever

So I've been In mesa almost 4 days. Its been a fun four days just hanging out with the family. Its so nice to have the kids home from school and Mom here to keep me company during the day, she is so much fun! I don't know that I have allot to say other than I am missing my husband dearly, and even though I am happy to be here amongst my loved ones, Its hard being with out my best friend everyday. Also I wanted to update my blog and its slow going! The computer I'm using has so much junk on it from the kids uploading and downloading things all the time, b/c it's so slow it makes everything I do on it kind of a chore. Also when it comes to things like making my banner I have no clue how to put a cute picture on there to complete it. Funny but frustrating. Oh well. I am excited though for the new week and I am hoping to spend some good time tomorrow with my Mom deep cleaning out our old apartment. Its been over a month of no cleaning and when I was there Saturday it was pretty gross in there! I'm so glad I am staying with mom and Dad and I am so glad I am moving out of that neighborhood! I am so ready for Washington and for a nicer place!


Little Beachs said...

Im totally lame I have read and followed your blog but never had the chance to write. Jacob says hi! hope everything is going great. Your pictures are so cute!!

1autumn said...

haha thats all good I read everyones too! Tell jacob hi for me and joel and tell him I got to see Heidi and Christopher and alexis they were just down for my brothers wedding last saturday! :)