Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back in AZ

I flew in yesterday morning around 10:30 Am. I called & had my mom pick me up from sky harbor.
It was such a long day! I got up at 4:30 Am got ready and left at 5:30 for the airport. And of course in typical Autumn fashion these days, I forgot my Itinerary!
The airport was so small they had one terminal with one gate. We actually had to walk out to the plane I think b/c it was too small a plane to fit onto one of those scrunchy looking ramps that you usually go through to get on the plane.
Anyway, my two flights from Pasco WA to Salt lake and Salt lake to PHX wasn't too bad. I picked up a copy of Marley And Me in Salt lake when we had a hour to kill in the airport before we could take off again. The book helped to get my mind off of how I was uncomfortable sitting next to this tall, hairy, shorty- short wearing man that was next to me. Ewww. Anyway I got home in Mesa and then ran some errands with my mom and then made some lunch, and then I crashed. I know it may not seem like to you like I've have a huge reason to be tired but I haven't been sleeping more than 4 hours at night so everything accumulated I was tired by the time I reached my parents home.