Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am grateful for Priestood blessings.
I have found that very recently in my own personal trials and in the trials of my little family that the lord is always aware of us. He NEVER leaves us. He is always mindful of our needs, If we will but only humble ourselves and look to him he will guide us and help us to succeed in all things, big or small. I have found that It is in the simple acts of saying our prayers and reading scripture that he speaks to us and guides us, & he anxiously awaits to do so. He loves us.

Losing your Job and scraping by is never easy, in fact its been down right miserable some days with all the doubt and fear constantly going through your head of not making it and losing your independence and feeling bad for yourself, Its tough.
But In someways I'm glad that I've had a little taste of what that feels like because it's made me more aware of all that I have and whats really most important to me in my life. I have so much. I should not be quick to take for granted all that the lord has given me because I know from personal exprience it can be gone quicker than you can imagine.

Today I am singing Hallelujah's I Found I great job and I am now the newest part-time Groomer at Whiskers to tails pet salon and spa! Blessings! Blessings! Blessings!