Saturday, January 1, 2011

That time at beaver Bark nursey

Ohh Hai elk... sorry I meant "Santa's Reindeer"
muh bad...

Yeah loved the deer/basically everything at Beaver Bark Nursery in Richland.
 In the parking lot off to the side of the entrance to the store you could have a photo opt moment with "Santa's Reindeer" Before you went inside to shop and visit Santa.

 loving the Christmas Halter ...

Ohh hai there handsome... your just laying there, all, 'too cool for school' yeah your pretty much awesome and I'm glad I met yeah. your perdy.

The whole store had Christmas tree after Christmas tree of over the top decorations and you could just shop literally from each tree around this huge store!
They had a tree in Red and black/white colors with Damask I was in heaven! Of course I didn't have my camera with me too! Dang it!
Can't wait to go back for next years Displays!

Beaver Bark People!