Friday, December 3, 2010

New post

Ok so I have been camera-less! and its been so frustrating for me I completely lost motivation to blog... although that being the case I did want to share some pictures I snapped on my Dads old film camera he gave to me. I heart that thing so much, especially because it belonged to my Dad but it can be a hassle for me. I have to go and get the film done... Oh remember to buy film... Ok wait how do I load film manually again? Duddee.

& ok lets just face it I'm lazy when it comes to that sort of thing so just saying its difficult for me sometimes,

but it shouldn't be because its always so fun to do once I get started.

I really do love it, just gotta keep reminding myself...


sayy cheese!

Taa da!

Here is our glorious Party!

Especially the part where adelynn got cake up her nose and in her eyes but I won't get into that it diden't end well. lol

I had so much fun decorating this piece, especially because I got everything on clearance and it was easy to set up!

cupcake princesses. Love it.

Yay for first birthdays!!


nate and amy crandell said...

What a CUTE cute party-you did such a good job!!! Happy Birthday too your little one :)