Monday, September 13, 2010

A couple of pictures from my Trip down the coast this summer...

Oregon coast....

So I know I have not blogged in a while, (ok in months really) I sort-of took a vacation from blogging this last summer. Allot of things went down for me, while I've been away from you. I stayed busy pretty almost the whole time. I can say this though, that I don't have a camera any more (its busted) so Its going to be hard for me to get pictures on here. Sry about that, but I'll try my best to tell you all about what I've been up to!
I was in Arizona for over a month.
I know, I know a long time!
Well let me tell you what was taking me so long! haha ok,
so I was on the road for nearly two weeks with my parents traveling and such
and when we finally made it to AZ,
I didn't really have any plans I sort of just hung out for like a week.
Then my awesome and amazing sister in law Heather came down to AZ to visit her momma too and I stopped by their house, because I was missing me some Heather and scrap booking too... lol
so anyways while I was hanging out, She told me all about this "HGC" Diet and how I could lose like 20 pounds in like two weeks.
I was sceptical diets are not my thing, but I saw how amazing Heather looked and how healthy they were eating, & I knew I needed to do this too. I woulden't be able to show my face, I thought,
if healther went down there to lose weight and I diden't do anything other than visit!
I couldn't pass this opportunity up!
So I bought the "HGC" Homoeopathic drops a couple of days later and then started about two days later after that.
Somehow in all my talks at home about how awesome this diet was going to be for me,
my sister decided that she wanted to go for it too.
So I we both did this diet together for two more weeks.
It was so stinkin difficult for me for about 5 days, I felt ravanous and then after that it was easy,
to really truly just diet and not dwell on how nice it would be to eat at tia rosas or something lol
I had all kinds of cravings and I felt like I emotionally just wanted to eat.
I never knew before that I was a "snacker" but I was! ha ha
The thing about the diet is that its a cleanse too, so I was killing off yeast & all the bad toxins in my body that get stored in Fat.
SO That was a big plus for me in doing the diet, because I really wanted more than anything just to be more healthy regardless if I lost any weight.
It was hard challenge, but now I know I can commit to something really tough.
It was a good experience to be able to say I did it!
I lost 21 pounds and I felt so much better and had more energy!
I would recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight and get healthy too!
Anyways that's part one of my summer!
Ill tell you all more about it later this week!
Anyways It was a great start for me on the road to healthy living!


nate and amy crandell said...

HOly Cow I can't believe you lost 21 pounds do you weigh nothing now!!! That is soo awesome though-Good job! I've been waiting for a post :) Glad your doing well!

Vegan Valerie said...

Good job!