Monday, June 7, 2010

My week

So these are all pictures of what my week looked like... i love our neighbors they love to come over and play with Adelynn Its good for me too b/c I get a little bit of a break :) Also Beautiful blue Sky's after weeks of grey! That's something to celebrate people!
I love going down to the boat launch park and just being by the river It makes me happy, dudee i don't know what I would do if this place had no river it would be lame, I just know it. Oh and I threw in a picture of the Spokane river I went there a couple of weeks ago, the picture was just too pretty to pass up. Its the one with the rapids! :)

Also memorial weekend we Got a WII & a TV Stand for our tv and Wii and DvD Etc.

I love it! I love the fact that we can get Net flicks now & I did not even know that we could do that before we bought it and also Its black and sleek and pretty! Also I love the wii sports sword fighting, I've been playing that allot in my spare time. Its allot of fun!

Anyways that my update for this week. Oh my gosh I've been so lazy about blogging lately I just have not felt like doing the editing and writing! I'm lazy sorry folks!


nate and amy crandell said...

How exciting! Those are great pictures I seriously love how pretty Washington is-I need to go sometime!

Vegan Valerie said...

You got a Wii?! Oh, how fun! Someday I'll join the ranks of normal civilization and get one too! I feel so behind the times!