Saturday, February 6, 2010


Dear Adelynn,

You are four months old to the day.
You have grown so much in such a short period of time it amazes your father and I.
How beautiful you are with your big blue eyes and dark brown hair!
Sweetie, do you remember when you were born, when you first came out and they gave me to you, how you looked right up at me with those big blue eyes?
You are so, so strong. I am so proud!
Did You know are exactly how I pictured my Daughter to look when I was young?
You are such a dream come true!
Do you realize know how nice it is to wake up each morning with you next to me?
Its been about a month of sleeping through the night, how great that has been for both of us!
Adelynn honey, do you know how wonderful your smile makes me feel when you first see me each day? I don't think I could possibly express it to you.
Every little thing you do is special, and monumental and amazing in my eyes.
I am blessed every second that you are with me; with your father and I.
we love you so much baby girl.
Here's to a wonderful four months!

love always,
Mommy ♥


Leah Marie Fauver said...

You have all come so far in these four months Autumn. I know it's been hard but I can't say I really understand because I'm not in your shoes. What I CAN say is that
I love you. And I'm so proud of all of you for being so strong. This is a true testiment of what family IS. It makes my heart swell when I think of how strong that little Adee is already! She is so lucky to have you two. I loved this post and I miss you! xoxox