Friday, May 15, 2009


I don't have any photos to show you yet I haven't uploaded or edited them but I would like to say that I've been here almost a month and I have enjoyed my time here very much.
It will be an extremely hard move for me but I am glad that I am doing it, I feel like I will be happy here.
Its a beautiful location and the weather is ideal. Although I know I won't be around the ones I love dearly, like my family members or friends that I have made.
It's hard but I know, this is a good Idea for Joel and I and our baby even if its not for long I feel like I have allot to learn here and I'm actually very excited to find out what the lord has in store for me... I will try and put some photos up of this place so that you can see what I see everyday.




jaymee sirrine said...

How come you guys are moving to Washington? Thats so fun! I wish I could live there! ITs soo pretty!

1autumn said...

Joel got a pretty good job out here and right now he's in training he will be done in a about a week and then he gets to start his real work. We are really excited to be living out here, his parents and his brother live out here too. I've never lived anywhere exept arizona so it will be really different for me!